Published Papers


Latino Parents’ Links to Deportees are Associated with Developmental Disorders in their Children

Latinos’ Connections to Immigrants: How Knowing a Deportee Impacts Latino Health

Nativity and citizenship status affect Latinos’ health insurance coverage under the ACA

Fear by Association: Perceptions of Anti-Immigrant Policy and Health Outcomes

The Impact of Punitive Immigrant Laws on the Health of Latina/o Populations

Immigration Policies and Group Identity: How Immigrant Laws Affect Linked Fate among U.S. Latino Populations

U.S. Citizen Children of Undocumented Parents: The Link Between State Immigration Policy and the Health of Latino Children

Mixed-Status Families and WIC Uptake: The Effects of Risk of Deportation on Program Use

Child support and mixed-status families an analysis Using the Fragile Families and Child Wellbeing Study

Stuck between a rock and a hard place: the relationship between Latino/a’s personal connections to immigrants and issue salience and presidential approval

In-State Tuition Policies for Undocumented Youth


What’s Your “Street Race”? Leveraging Multidimensional Measures of Race and Intersectionality for Examining Physical and Mental Health Status among Latinxs

Race As Lived Experience: The Impact of Multi-Dimensional Measures of Race/Ethnicity on the Self-Reported Health Status of Latinos

Latina/o or Mexicana/o? The Relationship between Socially Assigned Race and Experiences with Discrimination

The Enhanced Self-Reported Health Outcome Observed in Hispanics/Latinos Who are Socially-Assigned as White is Dependent on Nativity


Best practices in collecting online data with Asian, Black, Latino, and White respondents: evidence from the 2016 Collaborative Multiracial Post-election Survey

Language bias and self-rated health status among the Latino population: evidence of the influence of translation in a wording experiment

Taking a Closer Look at Group Identity: The Link Between Theory and Measurement of Group Consciousness and Linked Fate


Civic Engagement and Political Participation among American Indians and Alaska Natives in the United States

Cohabiting and Domestic Violence